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You want… 

To develop and execute a market strategy in a start-up company that has developed revolutionary technology within cancer diagnostics. As the Executive Chair of the Board, you will directly influence the upscaling of the company and the successful launch of the product. 


You will… 

Be the driving force behind making executive decisions, negotiating fundraising, and upscaling this diagnostics company. You’ll be taking the product through the approval phase and to major EU markets via your network of industry manufacturers, distributors, etc. Further, your knowledge of business strategy and fundraising will create excellent results when negotiating on behalf of the founders. 


You’ll join… 

A company that is creating a new reality for patients being diagnosed with metastatic cancer through a patented technology for analysis of large tissues samples to improve cancer diagnosis. With this technology, far fewer patients are misdiagnosed, consequently leading to quicker and improved chances of successful treatment. Furthermore, this company has no known competitors, which will allow you to secure a successful entry to the EU and US markets and to upscale the company from a handful of employees to a team of a hundred. 


You have… 

  • An established network in pathology solutions and market value chain 
  • Experience in taking diagnosis products through market approval in EU markets, and maybe even in the US 
  • Proven experience with fundraising 


If you want to hear more about this opportunity and the company, or if you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to apply for the position, please send an updated version of your CV, together with what questions you might have, and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Per Christensen

Managing Director & Co-Founder


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* Please refrain from including your social security number (CPR no.) in your CV.